6 wearables to gift gadget-loving graduates

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As graduation season draws to a close, a great wave of change takes sweeps over young adults’ lives. Once they step out of their caps and gowns, college graduates (hopefully) bid farewell to a lifestyle of Ramen noodles and all-nighters and are quickly thrown into the great, big, real world.

Now tasked with successfully maneuvering adulthood, post-college kids must add early mornings, healthy eating, and making a mark on the business world to the growing list of skills to master. To help the newly minted “adults” stay afloat, here are our favorite wearables to gift graduates.

Lumo Lift

Lumo lift keeps track of when a user is slouching or sitting up straight.

It would appear the countless times you reminded your graduate to sit up straight didn’t quite stick. The Lumo Lift is an effective way to correct poor posture, which, realistically, is only guaranteed to get worse once sitting behind a desk eight hours a day. The device detects body position and vibrates when the wearer begins to slouch. Well suited for corporate jobs, graduate school classes, or even that temp position, the Lumo Lift gives that little nudge people often don’t know they need.


Vigo is a wearable that keeps track of drowsiness and energy levels.

To be released in July 2015, Vigo is one way to avoid that midday slump at work. The wearable, which fits over the ear and looks a lot like a Bluetooth headset, monitors eye blinks and general body movements to determine when the user is drowsy. It then alerts the user of his or her unfocused, sleepy state with a small vibration, LED light, or sound byte — all of which are customizable. Put this puppy on, and kiss falling asleep on the job goodbye.

Myo Armband

Myo allows a user to operate devices and programs through gesture control.

For overachievers, may we recommend Myo —  a muscle-sensing armband that detects your hand gestures what to do based on your hand gestures and arm motion. With the tap of a finger or the squeeze of a fist, a user can navigate hands-free through an entire presentation… or, you know, through an entire of Call of Duty level.

Jawbone UP

Jawbone UP3 is an all-around activity tracker for health, fitness and sleep.

Any of the UP family members would be helpful in establishing new, healthy routines. What makes this fitness tracker stand out is what happens when you don’t reach your goals of the day. Suppose you’ve been sitting at your chair for the majority of the daylight hours, the UP activity trackers will send gentle push notifications to remind the user to get up and get moving.The tracker also encourages setting a new health goal every day, which allows for fitness, diet, and even sleep monitoring to be seamlessly combined. And if your graduate has money to burn, go for the UP4 — the only band with NFC payments enabled.


The Muse headband offers users the change to tune out and exercise healthy mental functions.

While this device might not be used in the workplace, the brain-sensing headband can be used after-hours to create a more calm yet productive mind. Calling itself the “mental equivalent of a treadmill,” three-minute “mental fitness” sessions allow users to train their brains to be calmer, more composed, and more focused on tasks at hand. With that kind of clarity, productivity is bound to see an uptick.

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