5 wearable Father’s Day gifts guaranteed to get him moving and grooving (silently)

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Dads can be the trickiest people to shop for. We are, after all, talking about the man who probably taught you how to ride a bike, file your taxes, fix a flat tire, and grill a steak. So sure, you could buy him his umpteenth tie or another golf club, but why not get creative this year? From the golf pro to the fitness fanatic, here is a quick list of wearables for dads that are sure to make this Father’s Day the most memorable one yet.

For the guy who can take a joke

The soundhawk classifies as a smart listening device.

No one knows whether or not your father has a sense of humor better than you, and if he does — go for the Soundhawk. It’s an in-ear device that enhances hearing, but is not — we repeat not — a hearing aid. Rather, it is a self-described “stylish smart listening device that augments your ability to hear, communicate,band connect with the world around you.” So, if he gets frustrated at, say, loud restaurants but refuses to get a hearing test… here’s your happy medium.

For the wannabe pro golfer

Zepp Golf is worn on the glove and monitors rotation and swings.

Help your dad up his game this summer with the assistance of the Zepp Golf. The small sensor captures swing metrics like hip rotation, backswing position, and club speed, and then compiles the information into a simple 3D projection that can be accessed from any smartphone. This gadget will give your old man his competitive edge back and have him swinging like the pros in no time.


For the fitness fanatic

The Fitbit Charge HR wirelessly monitors heart rate and activity.

The FitBit Charge HR is the one of the best gifts on the market for the fitness-loving father. This activity tracker not only highlights your daily stats but continuously monitors heart rate in order to give more accurate feedback on workout and calorie burn. Whether your dad is a marathon runner or a marathon Netflix watcher, get him moving with a little help from FitBit. And, hey, the President wears a Fitbit too.

For the music lover

Beats Studio Wireless pairs up to a smartphone 30 feet away and can take hands-free calls.

Give your family a reprieve from The Eagles by plugging your dad into a pair of Beats Studio Wireless headphones. These Bluetooth headphones are revolutionizing the way we experience music not only by untethering the listener from a stereo but with new Beats Acoustic Engine and Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology. With these quality headphones, he’ll be able to pair with his smartphone from up to 30 feet away and take hands-free alls with a built in mic.

Bonus: For the outdoorsman

Okay, so it’s not digital, but it’s still a bracelet full of devices that could save a life in an extreme situation. The KODIAK is a survival wristband that harbors four different and very necessary tools for every active outdoorsman. Complete with a fish hook, braided fishing wire, flint, and tinder, this bracelet could make all the difference in the woods and will only cost about $35. For those willing to accept an IOU this Father’s Day, check out the Leatherman Tread wristband that features 29 types of tools but is set to be released in the Fall.

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