5 circular smartwatches that made me jump ship from analog

Written By Tom Hushen

For the longest time, I had been adamant on staying away from smartwatches, and apparently so did many other people. Not because I’m some sort of neo-luddite who lives under a rock and cowers at the evolving world around me, but because I’m a traditionalist when it comes to accessorizing. I prefer my watches circular and my bands made of leather. It doesn’t even have to be genuine leather, just let me dream a little bit.

Smartwatches have been sweeping the globe, and it makes sense why. They have allowed people to organize their day better, monitor their body like never before, and are on the verge of revolutionizing the health industry. So where does that leave the rest of us who refuse to become a social pariah in this ever-changing wearable world?

We searched high and low to find smartwatches that have the perfect mix of stylish aficionado and uber tech geek. Here are five smartwatches that will pull you into the 21st century.

Vector Luna


Announced earlier this year, the Vector Luna isn’t simply a stylish upgrade within the smartwatch market, but a ticking time bomb. The company is claiming to use a battery with a 30 day lifespan, and if that’s the case, this watch is going to blow the others out of the competition.

The Vector Luna sports a stainless steel body in rose gold, black and silver, along with bands in silicon, leather, and metal. The smartwatch does the traditional like email alerts and comes with a pedometer and a calorie counter, but there is so much more. Vector will be releasing an app that allows users to change the interface of the Luna watch, as well as news organizations developing news alerts for the watch.

The Luna is expected to sell for around $300 and be released sometime this summer.

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R

LG jumped into the smartwatch market last year when it rolled out its first watch for Android Wear. Last October, the company released the G Watch R, a circular interfaced watch that packs a punch. It comes with a Snapdragon™ 400 processor, has with the latest Android OS, and is even waterproof. LG only has one model, a black metal faceplate and a black leather band.

Yes, the trailer for the G Watch R is pretty terrible and sounds like a dubstep album played in reverse. But don’t let it fool you, the watch should be top contender for those folks looking for a watch that bridges circular design and technology. Plus, the price was recently dropped to $249, making it a more affordable choice when shopping for a stylish smartwatch. A close second in the LG suite of smartwatches was the LG Watch Urbane, which also features a beautiful round watchface and all the benefits of Android Wear. However, at a $100 less, the LG G Watch R lets you take nearly all the same features with much less of a hit to the wallet.

Martian Notifier

Martian Notifier

This next watch is for those budgeters out there. Priced at $129 bucks, the Martian Notifier has a classic analog design that compliments its sophistication. What’s unique is that the watch has a thin OLED screen on the bottom of the watch that allows users to get notifications from their phone through bluetooth.

This watch connects to both android and iOS, which though that may not be as big of a problem in the future, it certainly opens it up as an option to more potential buyers.  You can control which application can send you alerts through your phone, and it also has vibration notification that you can set for individual apps on your phone. The main downside is the micro USB charger on the side of the watch. It designed so only the charger from Martian can fit it.

Moto 360

Moto 360

In terms of aesthetic presentation, it should go without saying that the Moto 360 takes home the prize. It’s sleek design catches the eye of any passerby. The watch’s circular interface has a stainless steel outer ring, and you can customize the design of your Moto 360, allowing you to give it a style all your own.

Now, in terms of functionality, the watch can compete with most other models, but it has some faults. It has the usual, heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorie counter, but it starts to falter with the battery. Reports from Engadget suggest that the battery will barely last you a day.

There aren’t any rumors to report on the Moto 360 2, but there is some good news. The Moto 360 is now on sale for $149, the lowest price ever. This new price drop puts the watch at one of the most cost-friendly smartwatches out there.

Rumored Arrow Smartwatch
Arrow smartwatch will revolutionize the desire for circular interface watches.

The Arrow smartwatch should really be called the unicorn smartwatch since finding any information on the product after November 2014 is virtually impossible. The last post on their Facebook page informs followers that that they are continuing through with product development and should be market ready this year.

If the Arrow smartwatch ends up becoming an actual product, it will surely become the most sought-after wearable. The watch boasts a gorgeous display and uses Android OS, but the most innovative feature is an eight megapixel, 360 degree rotating camera. There isn’t even a hint of pricing or a release date on the Internet, but you would be wise to keep this one on your radar.

2016 should be an exciting year for circular interface smartwatches. Samsung recently tweeted a teaser photo of their new Galaxy Gear A smartwatch that could finally pull other major tech companies (cough *Apple*) into developing round smartwatches. One can dream, I suppose. The current lineup seem to satiate the desire for a classically designed smartwatch, but only for the time being.

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