3 specialty summertime wearables for kids

Written By Mariam Sharia

Editor’s Note: In the month of June, we’re focusing on how wearable technology is being used in child-rearing and parenting. Baby monitors, GPS locators, and specialty activity trackers (like UV-ray detectors) are all making their way into the wearable tech space — and each to a different degree of acceptance. We’ll explore what’s useful, what’s to come, and what people think.

Attention all parents! With the sun-blazing season upon us, we rounded up our top three unique summer wearables for kids.


Featured on Good Morning America and CBS, the iSwimband is a $60 parental peace-of-mind wearable for when the family is pool- (or beach-) side. If your child has been submerged for too long or enters the water but does not know how to swim, an alarm goes off on your companion smartphone app for speedy intervention.


UVA+B SunFriend

Sun overexposure is a deadly albeit sneaky summertime monster. UVA+B SunFriend is the first wearable UV exposure monitor, alerting you to potential skin damage before you actually start feeling it. Just choose your “Skin Sensitivity” level and once all 11 little LED lights have lit up on the band you know that you’ve gotten your sun fill for the day. Retailing at $50 in five color options, it’s also waterproof!



Considering the fact that childhood obesity is at an all time high, it was only a matter of time before child tech mogul LeapFrog joined the wearable bandwagon to create a fitness tracker for kids. The LeapBand is efficient because its fun and works on a rewards system. Little personalized pets help guide kids through activities encouraging them to get up and move. Furthermore, they teach kids about personal hygiene and healthy foods, culminating in a pretty well-rounded little gadget. $40 is a small price to pay in exchange for hours of healthy fun for your growing bundle of energy.


Have you discovered any other summertime devices that everyone ought to know about? Leave your picks in the comments!

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