17 new Android Wear smartwatch faces hit Google Play

Written By Allie Quill

Those skilled in the art of accessorization often enjoy injecting a bit of variety into their adornment, and for this reason, Google released 17 new smartwatch faces for Android Wear devices.

To keep up with competition coming from other customizable devices like the Apple Watch, Google partnered with a variety of companies like Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, as well as a Rubix Cube for the creative new designs that hit Google Play storefront on Monday.

For those who are looking for more demure options, designers like Cynthia Rowley, Lulu Frost, and Bang & Olufsen developed a few interactive faces of their own.

Lulu Frost’s is inspired by the door numbers at the Plaza Hotel, while its sister company, George Frost, employs a camouflage design and bits of Morse Code. And for those more in tune with practicality is the clean and simple Geox watch face that doubles as an activity tracker and step counter.

Finally, not to miss out on any marketing opportunities, also available is a watch face to promote the July 1 release Terminator: Genesys. It features the Terminator’s skull, which crumbles into dust as the day goes on.

In a blog post written by Android Wear Product Marketing Manager, Feng Yuan Xu, he said, “Whether you’re into games or glamour, you’re sure to find a watch face that lets you wear what you want.”

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