12 Glassware Updates

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Last week, in a surprise move, Google announced via their Google+ Google Glass page plans to release 12 new updates to Google Glass, including new software additions, and updates on existing apps.

94Fifty Glassware. Photo: Google Glass Google+


The upgrades include:

  1. The personal trainer update aptly named Runtastic is now available on Glass, and gives users access to a variety of different workouts that will work with an easy to follow plan to help reach particular fitness goals.
  2. 94Fifty Basketball partners with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball to work on improving your basketball game with visual feedback on shot arc, speed, and backspin, helping you learn your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. The Guardian is now added to your Glassware with news alerts, as well as packages of stories and the ability to save articles to read later.
  4. Duolingo will become native as well, creating an interactive experience to learning new languages, or maybe help you brush up on that Spanish or French that you’ve been meaning to refresh yourself on.
  5. Zombies, Run! makes running a little more lively giving the user the experience of being chased by zombies.
  6. Star chart allows the user to navigate the stars and constellations simply by looking up at the sky.
  7. Shazam is now accessible as well, picking up on surrounding music by simply saying “OK Glass, recognize this song.”
  8. Goal.com comes to Glass right on time in the midst of the World Cup, giving updates on all there is to know in football.
  9. Livestream allows the user to  share their world via social media with live video broadcasts, the ability to read messages, and share your point of view.
  10. The last update is musiXmatch, which works similarly to Shazam, but instead gives you lyrics to the song detected in any language.
  11. GuidiGO now will allow Google Glass wearers to be their own tour guides, with over 250 guided tours in 27 destinations around the world.
  12. Allthecooks gets an update to include voice commands for quick switches between directions and recipes.


For more info about the Glassware additions, check out this page.

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